Waring WMK300A Pro Professional Stainless-Steel Belgian Waffle Maker Review

by Lisa Whistler

Waffles are a weekend morning necessity in my house, so I use my Waring WMK300A Pro Professional Stainless-Steel Belgian Waffle Maker at least twice a week.  I’ve definitely been getting my money’s worth out of it!  It’s a stainless steel waffle maker that churns out those thick, crispy, delicious waffles that everyone loves.  It has a 180 degree rotation function that allows for easy cooking and storage.  There’s a rotary browning control knob to make sure that every waffle comes out exactly how I want it. It comes with LED indicators that let me know whether it’s heated up enough or not, a “ready” audio beep tone that prevents me from having to peek in to check and see if the waffles are done.  The handle folds up for easy storage, and there’s even a drip tray to catch any spilled batter.  It’s everything I look for in a waffle maker and has been serving us well for almost a year.


  • Rotation Makes for Even Cooking: One of our older models always seemed to cook too heavily in the middle.  This isn’t a problem with the Waring Pro.  It’s easy to rotate the tray to make sure that each side cooks evenly.  The result is wonderfully cooked waffles that are crispy on the outside and moist and fluffy on the inside. Perfection!
  • Great Controls: I can be a bit absent minded after making a meal (too busy eating!), so having an easy way to turn the machine on and off is a big plus.  It sounds like a small point, but having an on/off toggle makes it much easier to use than having to remember to unplug it when I’m done.  I also love the browning knob.  It makes it really easy to get exactly the right color on every waffle.
  • “Ready” Tone: Having a little tone to let you know when your waffles are done is a great addition.  With some of the other models I used I was constantly checking in to see if the waffles were done or not, which didn’t help the waffles come out as tasty as they could have been.  With this model there are no worries, I just have to wait for the beep and I know they’re done.
  • Great Little Bonuses: I wouldn’t base my decision whether to buy a certain waffle maker or not solely on whether it has a drip tray, but the little things like that and its folding handle are really nice to have.  It makes cleanup and storage (my two least favorite parts of making waffles) go so much easier.  All I have to do is wash it off and flip it up and I’m done!


  • Only Cooks One at a Time: While every waffle that comes out of this machine is delicious, only one can come out at a time.  This can be hard when I have a hungry husband and two hungry girls waiting anxiously at the table.  However, I’ve found that keeping the already made waffles in a 200 degree oven while the rest are being made keeps them warm.  I just serve them all at once and everyone’s happy!
  • Machine is Large: This machine is solidly built and takes up quite a bit of space.  If you don’t make waffles all that often you may find it to be a bit of a counter hog or really cumbersome to move back and forth.  The handle does fold to make storage easier, though, and depending on your counter space it may not be an issue at all.

Waffles are a fantastic way to start your morning, and the Waring Pro helps me make some of the best ones I’ve seen.  It flips to cook evenly, has a great construction, and comes with a number of useful controls.  The ready chime is right on the money and helps to ensure that all waffles are perfectly cooked. I’m a huge fan of the drip tray and the folding handle as well.  All in all this is a solidly built, high quality machine that will keep you and your family in gourmet waffles as often as you’d like them.

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