Waring Pro WWM1200SA Professional Double Belgian Waffle Maker Review

by Lisa Whistler

I’ve been using a low-quality waffle maker for my weekend breakfasts for a while, but I decided to move up.  The Waring Pro Professional Double Belgian Waffle Maker is exactly what I was looking for.  This professional quality waffle maker is a lot like what you’d see in a restaurant, and the waffles that come out of it are certainly restaurant quality.  It bakes two waffles at a time.  The waffles it makes have extra deep one inch pockets that are just perfect for filling with syrup, whipped cream, and fruit.  It comes with an easy to handle rotary feature that flips 180 degrees to allow for even baking.  Keep an ear out for the “ready chime” that lets you know when the waffles are ready to eat.  There’s even a measuring cup that lets you know exactly how much batter to include.  They really thought of everything with this maker, and the results are absolutely delicious.


  • Bakes Two at a Time: What’s better than one waffle?  Two waffles!  This is especially true with my family.  Once my husband and two girls starting eating it’s hard to get them to stop.  Being able to make two waffles in a go keeps them from having to wait for new treats to come out, and it even gives me a chance to snag a couple.

  • Extra Deep Pockets Allow for Creativity: Cooking waffles is only half the fun: the best part is getting to pour some toppings on top of them.  The one inch pockets allow for a great deal of topping creativity.  Syrup and butter are a tasty standard, but we also love sliced fruit, powdered sugar, and chocolate.  There are some great desserts you can make with a waffle base too, and these waffles lend themselves well to them.

  • Great Rotary Feature: I love an evenly cooked waffle.  The rotary feature makes sure that all waffles come out equally baked on both sides.  It’s easy to control and really does flip 180 degrees.  We haven’t had a problem with a lopsided waffle yet!

  • Measuring Cup: It may seem like an insignificant feature, but having a measuring cup that comes with the waffle maker is a huge help.  Cleaning up messes from overfilling a griddle is no fun, so having that cup handy gives me a lot of confidence.  It allows me to make perfectly sized waffles that are even on both sides without spilling.  I spend less time cleaning and more time with my family.


  • Beeps a Little Soon: The built-in ready chime tends to beep a little too soon.  Your waffles will likely be a little undercooked if you take them out right when it chimes.  Instead, I like to use it as a reminder.  When I hear it chime I know I have a little more time until my waffles are done so I need to start paying attention.

  • No Twist Indicators: There is no indication on the machine to tell you which way the handle turns to flip the device.  This can get a little frustrating when you’re trying to get a waffle out quickly.  I fixed this problem by putting a piece of tape with an arrow on the handle.  Now I can just tell at a glance which way it needs to turn.

This is a very high quality waffle maker that turns out delicious waffles on a consistent basis.  They cook up fast, come out even, and taste great.  I like being able to cook two at a time and the extra deep pockets are fun to be creative with.  The indicator lights and chimes are very convenient, as is the included measuring cup.  This is a solid machine that will give you restaurant quality waffles as often as you’d like them.  If you tend to go the waffle route while eating out for breakfast, you’ll love what you get with this machine.

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