Waring Pro WMK600 Double Belgian-Waffle Maker Review

by Lisa Whistler

Waffle night is the best night of the week for my family and I, and it’s made even better with the Waring Pro WMK600 Double Belgian-Waffle Maker. The only thing better than one crispy, fluffy, golden brown waffle is two, which is exactly what this waffle maker provides. This maker rotates to let you make two waffles at once. When you have two kids and a husband all looking impatiently over your shoulder, the more waffles you can make at a time the better! The Belgian waffles it creates have one inch pockets, perfect for filling with whatever toping you can think of (the family favorite is melted chocolate).

This device comes with two LED lights to let you know when the iron is hot enough and three audio tones so you know when your waffles are cooked to perfection. It comes with a drip tray so any spilled batter is easy to clean up. The rotary thermostat and browning-control knob give you complete control of how much heat your waffles get, allowing you to make your waffles the way you want them.


  • Rotation Allows for Two Waffles at Once: With my family, the two words that describes their feelings towards waffles are “more” and “now”. The Waring Pro allows me to give them exactly what they ask for. Being able to cook two waffles at once allows me to make more food in the same amount of time, keeping my family (and myself) very happy.

  • The Right Amount of Information: The two LED lights and three audio tones this waffle maker comes with give off just the right amount of information. The LEDs let you know whether the iron is hot enough while the audio tones let you know that your waffles are done. It doesn’t overwhelm you with information you don’t need, while at the same time it lets you know exactly what you want to know.

  • Browning Control Knob: I have one child that likes crispy waffles and another that likes them softer. With the browning control knob I can set exactly how well cooked I want my waffles to be. It’s easy to set it to one level to get softer waffles and then boost it up a notch to get crispier treats. That way everyone’s happy.

  • Comes With a Drip Try: I love this. There’s nothing more annoying than cleaning up waffle batter that’s splattered and spilled all over the iron. Having a drip tray lets all the spilled batter collect in one easy to clean location. I spend less time on de-gunking the machine and more time with my family.


  • Griddles Can’t Be Removed: The griddles cannot be removed from the waffle maker. This makes cleaning a little more difficult, though certainly not impossible. I find that wiping down the griddles is enough to get them clean without too much of a problem.

  • No Way to Tell Which Way to Turn the Griddle: There is no indication on the waffle maker to tell you which way to turn the handle to flip it. I could imagine you could do some damage to the machine by forcing it to turn the wrong way without realizing it. I ended up putting a piece of masking tape with an arrow on it onto the mechanism, allowing me to tell at a glance which way to turn it. Haven’t had any problems since!

My nights of cooking waffles have been going much more quickly and easily since I starting using the Waring Pro. Being able to cook two waffles at the same time makes everyone happier. Having control over how brown they get is also a great way to keep my family smiling. The LED and the audio tones keep waffle making simple and help me produce perfect waffles every time. If waffle making is a hobby of yours or something you’re interested in trying, I would definitely recommend giving this waffle maker a try.

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