How to Troubleshoot or Fix a Faulty Waffle Maker

by Lisa Whistler

How to Troubleshoot or Fix a Faulty Waffle MakerTroubleshooting may be necessary for brand new, top of the line waffle makers as well as the trusted family heirloom made of cast iron. Whatever the specific problem is, from malfunctioning heating elements to sticky non-stick surfaces, there are some troubleshooting tips that may save your ailing waffle maker from the garbage can.

Non-functioning Status Light

Discern whether the light or heating elements are malfunctioning. Turn the waffle iron on and allow to heat for 5 minutes. If it gets hot, you can still use it. Check for the steam to stop coming from the maker filled with batter before opening lid.

Not Heating

Change the electrical outlet that the iron plugs into. You may need to try another circuit in the home. If after trying an alternative power source the iron does not heat, the unit may require professional repair or replacement. Check manufacturer’s warranty for possible action.

Waffles Sticking

The non-stick coating may have sustained damage if you are experiencing sticking waffles in the maker. Cut back or eliminate the use of oil on the maker’s surface because it can neutralize the effectiveness at times. Also, the non-stick surface may require more thorough cleaning if the waffles are sticking. Older models not equipped with a non-stick surface may require oiling between waffles to prevent sticking as well as effective cleaning between uses.

Problems With Doneness

Check the manufacturer’s instructions to verify determination of waffle maker’s readiness for cooking and doneness indication if you are consistently producing undercooked or burnt waffles. Be sure to preheat waffle iron for the necessary amount of time and to keep the lid closed while cooking. Usually, cooking time is 3– 5 minutes. If the indicator does not seem to be accurate, try watching the steam. When the steam stops coming from the iron, your waffle is done. Allow the iron time to reach optimum cooking heat in between waffles. Check heat by flicking a water drop on cooking surface. If it sizzles, it is hot enough to cook.

Batter Overflow

If the batter consistently spills over from your waffle iron, try pouring in a smaller circle that does not hit the edges. Then pour a small amount in the center to even it out. Check instruction manual for the recommended measurement of batter per waffle.

Coating Damage

If waffles are sticking or you notice damage to the surface coating, you may be using the wrong cooking utensils. To prevent damage to non-stick surfaces, always use cooking grade plastic utensils so you don’t make scratches on the iron. Scratches or tears in the coating will cause waffles to stick.

Cord Damage

Always unplug waffle iron between uses. To unplug correctly, grasp the plug and pull from the outlet, not the cord. Electrical tape can patch light fraying or wear on the cord. Never leave wires exposed during iron operation.