Tips on Cleaning Your Waffle Maker

by Lisa Whistler

cleaning waffle makerWaffle makers are great kitchen accessories and can make breakfast fun. Cleaning them can be much less challenging when it is done after every use. A clean waffle maker produces better waffles as well as cutting down on clean-up time in your kitchen later on. Here are some easy tips for making sure the waffle maker is maintained in excellent condition and your time spent cleaning as little as possible.

* For safety’s sake, unplug waffle maker before cleaning!

* Although it is tempting, never use scouring pads or harsh cleaning chemicals on waffle maker surfaces. These things can cause serious damage to the finish of its cooking surface. Also, don’t use metal to scrape burnt or caked on batter.

* 99% of all the dirt on the waffle maker’s cooking surface can be removed with a dampened paper towel when it is wiped immediately after use.

* If the waffle maker has removable plates, either soak in sudsy dishwater or clean in a dishwasher. Wipe clean and dry with paper towels.

* If the plates are not removable, wipe with soapy dish towel and rinse with clean, wet paper towels until all cooking oil and residue is removed.

Check the owner’s manual prior to cleaning to see the manufacturer’s cleaning suggestions. Always review the tips and instructions before the first use and cleaning.