Proctor-Silex 26500 Morning Baker Belgian Waffle Baker Review

by Lisa Whistler

My family loves to start weekend mornings off with a hearty waffle-based breakfast, but we have some space constraints in our tiny kitchen.  The Proctor-Silex 26500 Morning Baker Belgian Waffle Baker allows us to have the best of both worlds: fresh, delicious waffles and extra counter space. Its compact size doesn’t hog half the counter and allows it to store very easily.  It can be stored horizontally or vertically depending on what works best for you. It’s quick and easy to use, making delicious waffles with little time or fuss. The nonstick surface makes the waffles pop out easily and dramatically cuts down on cleaning time (a huge bonus for me). There’s a preheat/ready indicator to let you know when you’re ready to add the batter. All in all it’s a compact, solid little machine that makes delicious, no frills waffles.


  • Compact Size: This is really what made me choose this machine over others.  Counter space is at a premium in my kitchen, so large waffle irons were really out of the question.  The Morning Baker is perfectly sized for the amount of counter I have.  I usually end up storing it once I’m done, but even if I don’t it’s easy to work around and isn’t a huge counter hog.

  • Storage Options: Another great feature is how easy it is to store if you decide not to leave it on the counter.  It’s lightweight and easy to move, plus it has the ability to be stored on its side or straight up; depending on what kind of space you have available to you.  I usually keep it out over the weekend and then put it away for the week.

  • No Frills Use: This griddle is really ridiculously easy to use.  After you plug it in you wait for the ready light to change, spray some Pam on, add the batter, and wait a few minutes for some perfect, delicious waffles.  There are no frills, just great food.

  • Nonstick Surface: I hate having to spend half an hour cleaning dried batter out of every nook and cranny of a waffle maker, so having a non-stick surface makes a huge difference.  I usually use a bit of cooking spray before I put the batter in, but that’s all it takes.  The waffles pop out easily and I’m left with a griddle that just needs a quick wipe-down.  This gives me more time to spend with my family (and eat more waffles).


  • One at a Time: If you have a crowd to cook for this little griddle might not cut it.  It only creates one waffle at a time, so it can be difficult to time things in a way that keeps everyone fed and happy.  I find that if I put the cooked waffles in a low-heat oven while the rest are being made I can serve them all at once and keep everyone smiling.

  • No “Ready” Chime: A feature I enjoyed on other waffle makers that this one lacks is some sort of indication of when the waffles are ready.  It’s easy to get distracted and forget to keep track of how long a waffle has been cooking.  What I decided to do was set my oven timer for the amount of time it takes to cook the waffles the way I like them.  It’s a little more cumbersome, but certainly not a deal breaker.

This no-frills waffle maker has added a new level of enjoyment to our breakfasts (and a bit more room on my countertop).  It’s very easy to use, has a great non-stick surface, and consistently turns out delicious waffles.  My family and I have been thrilled with the results and are looking forward to using it to make our breakfasts complete for as long as we have it.

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