How a Waffle Maker Really Works

by Lisa Whistler

How a Waffle Maker Really WorksWaffle irons operate by cooking batter within a mold to make a cooked waffle. The metal mold cooks the batter on both sides simultaneously to produce the cake which is crispy on the outside and moist and airy on the inside.Since the surface of the waffle iron has a non-stick finish, the waffle is easily removed.

The metal mold is designed to imprint the waffle with a pattern of indentations. These indentations make cutting easy as well as serving to hold pools of toppings evenly across the surface of the waffle.

The waffle iron is designed with an electric griddle underneath the waffle mold. This griddle is heated by electrical tubes which it covers. Although the mold usually has a non-stick surface, it is often beneficial to use a non-stick cooking spray on the waffle iron to decrease the probability of waffles sticking. It also contributes to more even cooking.

Cook times of waffle makers vary, however they usually have internal timers combined with lights of buzzers to signal cooking completion. The cook may change cooking time adjust texture or taste of the waffles.