Food You Can Make With a Waffle Maker

by Lisa Whistler

Food You Can Make With a Waffle MakerIf you think the waffle maker is not a good investment because it only has one use, you may want to reconsider. In addition to simple waffles, it can be used for different breakfast dishes as well as lunches and desserts. Yeah, they’ll have patterns cooked into them, but they sure will taste good! Your simple waffle maker has many other creative uses.

Gourmet Waffles

A great treat for the family, gourmet waffles are not very difficult to make and can be fun. Start with waffle batter mix, homemade or boxed, and add whatever strikes your fancy. Add berries, chocolate chips or other flavors to the batter to create a gourmet breakfast treat. Waffles can be topped by whipped cream, fruit or chocolate in addition to traditional syrup.

You can also enliven the batter up with a little cinnamon added to the mix. The popular website featuring waffle recipes, Texas Cooking, suggests adding sour cream and canned pumpkin to the waffle batter to give them a hearty fall flavor.

Pressed Sandwiches

You can produce your own pressed hot sandwiches without using a stove or having to buy another kitchen appliance. The waffle maker efficiently presses those sandwiches and gives your family a surprise. Start your standard sandwich and experiment from there. Take 2 slices of bread, butter them and place a couple of slices of cheese between them. Put your sandwich in the waffle maker and press.

Try a wrap filled with Swiss cheese, turkey and cooked bacon in the waffle maker and make a hot wrap press. Emeril Lagasse highly recommends pressing a Reuben sandwich in the waffle maker. Simply put some corned beef with Russian dressing between two slices of rye bread and heat in the waffle maker.

New Muffins

Turning the oven on can be bothersome especially in the summer. Instead of baking muffins, pour the batter into the waffle iron for some surprising treats. Mix the muffin batter as normal and it does not matter if is it came in a box or is homemade. Cook it in the waffle maker and then cut the new waffles into fourths. Serve for dessert or breakfast. They may not look like muffins but they sure will taste good.