Cuisinart WAF-6 Traditional-Style 6-Slice Waffle Iron, Brushed Stainless Steel

by Lisa Whistler

I love cooking waffles to feed my family.  With a husband and two waffle loving girls, the Cuisinart WAF-6 Traditional-Style 6-Slice Waffle Iron has made a huge impact on our morning.  Instead of having to wait for one waffle to be made at a time, I can make up six waffles at once.  A six setting browning control is included for waffles that range from light to dark.  The green “ready” light and the red power light keep me up to date about what state the iron is in, allowing me to make even better waffles. An audio signal chimes when the iron is ready to use and when the waffles are cooked to perfection.  Cleanup is a breeze with a non-stick pan and drip-catching flared sides.  The machine itself is very elegant and looks great on my counter.  I can make a ton of waffles with it in a short amount of time – it’s hard to beat!


  • Make Six Waffles at Once: Waffles go fast in my house.  The faster I can get them out the better.  Being able to make six waffles at once makes life so much easier.  I can use up all my batter in a couple of batches and have more time to enjoy breakfast with my family. 

  • Great Browning Control: The browning control is a very convenient way to get exactly the waffle you’re looking for.  I started out using it at the fourth setting, but after a while I bumped it up to the five.  I was able to get exactly the amount of heat I was looking for and the waffles came out perfectly. I’ve been keeping it at five and haven’t had any complaints.

  • Great Audio Chime: I hate having to guess about when my waffles are done.  The built-in chime lets you know when your waffles have cooked long enough. It’s not loud enough to get obnoxious and shatter the peace of a Sunday morning, but it does get your attention.  I find that if I get the waffles out within thirty seconds or so after the chime they’re just about perfect.

  • Make Great Toaster Waffles: The size and shape of the waffles this maker makes are just perfect for heating up in the toaster.  I’ll usually mix up a bit of extra batter and put the extra waffles in the refrigerator.  We can eat them later on in the week – just pop them in the toaster and they’re ready to go.


  • Can Get a Little Messy: The design of the griddle makes it easy for the batter to spill over and make a mess.  This can be a real pain to clean if you let it go too far.  I found that if I’m careful about how much batter I put in I don’t have much of an overflow problem.  Usually about a cup and a half is perfect.

  • No Lock on Lid: There isn’t a lock on the lid, so it may pop open during storage.  This is all depending on how you store it, though.  I have enough shelf space to keep it upright, but if you need to store it any other way you might have to get creative.

Being able to make six waffles at once has made a huge difference in the pace of our mornings.  I’m able to keep my family fed and still have time to take a few bites myself!  This machine is easy to use, has great audio/visual cues, and makes delicious traditional waffles.  The browning control works well and for the most part cleanup is easy.  If your family thinks that more waffles are better then you’ll love the convenience of this device.

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