Chef’s Choice M850 Taste-Texture Select WafflePro Belgian Waffle Maker Review

by Lisa Whistler

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My family is without a doubt a waffle family.  When our old waffle maker burnt out, we decided to upgrade to the Chef’s Choice M850 Taste-Texture Select WafflePro Belgian Waffle Maker.  It makes four waffles at a time, keeping my waffle loving family happy and well fed.   The waffles bake in 90 to 120 seconds, getting large quantities on the table in no time.  It’s equipped with adjustable baking time and temperature controls and a high quality non-stick griddle.   There’s an automatic countdown timer and a “waffle ready” beeper to keep you informed of when your waffles are ready to go. An overflow channel cuts down on cleaning time by quite a bit. This machine allows me to give my family all the waffles they can eat without wasting my entire morning – what’s better than that?


  • Adjustable Cooking Times:  This is my favorite thing about this appliance.  Each waffle compartment can be set to a different bake time and heat level.  This allows me to give each of my family members the type of waffle they want.  My husband and l like waffles that are crispy on the outside and lighter on the inside, while my daughters prefer their breakfasts to be a uniform texture all the way through.  With this machine I can give everyone exactly what they want.

  • Bakes Four at a Time: My husband and my girls have no problem making short work of whatever waffles end up on the table.  Since I’m able to make four at a time with this baker I can get all the waffles out and ready to eat before they’re done.  I have time to sit down and eat with them while the food is still hot (and hasn’t been eaten yet).  This makes breakfasts much less stressful for all of us.

  • Easy to Clean:  I hate cleaning out waffle irons almost as much as I love waffles.  With past models I’d spend twenty minutes afterwards cleaning gunk out of the griddle and sides.  The WafflePro does not force me to do this.  The non-stick surface gives its waffles up without a fight, and the overflow channel keeps any rogue batter contained.

  • Quick Baking Time:  My love of this feature goes hand in hand with my interest in baking four waffles at a time.  Because I can get four waffles in and out in less than two minutes I have more time to deal with other things.  The waffles make it to the table while they’re still hot and I can spend more time with my family.


  • Beep Tone is a Little Annoying: The chime that lets you know when your waffles are done is a little shrill.  This can get annoying after hearing it time after time after time.  Since I can make so many waffles at once, though, I only have to go through about three rounds of baking until everyone’s satisfied.  I don’t hear the chime enough for it to grate on my nerves.

  • Waffles Are a Little Thin: The waffles that come out of this maker aren’t quite as tall as what you’ll get with other Belgian waffle makers.  This is because the unit sits flat instead of flipping.  However, this doesn’t mean you’ll get flat, “Eggo-style” waffles.  There’s still plenty of room to fill with your favorite toppings, it’s just not as thick as some other bakers.

The WafflePro has all the features my family needs for our weekend waffle parties.  I love being able to cook four waffles in under two minutes, and having separate control over each one is a dream come true for my picky family.  The waffles are always delicious and come off of the non-stick surface easily. The ready chime is useful (if a little shrill) and the entire device is very easy to clean.  My family loves the waffles that come out of it, and I love being able to spend less time cooking and more time with the people I love. If that sounds like a good deal to you you’ll love this waffle maker. 

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