Waffle Maker Tips and Users Guide

waffle maker tipsBuying the best waffle maker is the first step. On this section, you’ll find several useful articles on using and maintaining your waffle maker. Learn exactly how to make the best fluffy waffles for you and your whole family!

How to Troubleshoot or Fix a Faulty Waffle MakerTroubleshooting may be necessary for brand new, top of the line waffle makers as well as the trusted family heirloom made of cast iron. Whatever the specific problem is, from malfunctioning heating elements to sticky non-stick surfaces, there are some troubleshooting tips that may save your ailing waffle maker from the garbage can.

Non-functioning Status Light

Discern whether the light or heating elements are malfunctioning. Turn the waffle iron on and allow to heat for 5 minutes. If it gets hot, you can still use it. Check for the steam to stop coming from the maker filled with batter before opening lid.

A Guide to Using a Waffle Maker

These are tips for perfecting the American-style waffle which do not contain yeast. Belgium waffles are different. Our perfect waffle has a crisp and brown outside and is fluffy, light and moist on the inside.

1. The Batter Makes Waffles “Non-Stick” – The quantity of butter or oil mixed into the batter will dictate how much your waffles stick to the waffle maker. Should your waffles tend to stick, increase the amount you use of these ingredients.

How a Waffle Maker Really WorksWaffle irons operate by cooking batter within a mold to make a cooked waffle. The metal mold cooks the batter on both sides simultaneously to produce the cake which is crispy on the outside and moist and airy on the inside.Since the surface of the waffle iron has a non-stick finish, the waffle is easily removed.

The metal mold is designed to imprint the waffle with a pattern of indentations. These indentations make cutting easy as well as serving to hold pools of toppings evenly across the surface of the waffle.

cleaning waffle makerWaffle makers are great kitchen accessories and can make breakfast fun. Cleaning them can be much less challenging when it is done after every use. A clean waffle maker produces better waffles as well as cutting down on clean-up time in your kitchen later on. Here are some easy tips for making sure the waffle maker is maintained in excellent condition and your time spent cleaning as little as possible.

* For safety’s sake, unplug waffle maker before cleaning!

Food You Can Make With a Waffle MakerIf you think the waffle maker is not a good investment because it only has one use, you may want to reconsider. In addition to simple waffles, it can be used for different breakfast dishes as well as lunches and desserts. Yeah, they’ll have patterns cooked into them, but they sure will taste good! Your simple waffle maker has many other creative uses.

Gourmet Waffles

A great treat for the family, gourmet waffles are not very difficult to make and can be fun. Start with waffle batter mix, homemade or boxed, and add whatever strikes your fancy. Add berries, chocolate chips or other flavors to the batter to create a gourmet breakfast treat. Waffles can be topped by whipped cream, fruit or chocolate in addition to traditional syrup.